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OOH Media Formats

OOH formats fall into four major categories. Click here to download an overview of OOH’s versatile mix of formats. 

Planning For OOH Media

Standardized large format advertising displays intended for viewing from extended distances, generally more than 50 feet.

Digital Billboards
Junior Posters

Wall Murals


Street Furniture
Advertising displays, many that provide a public amenity, positioned in close proximity to pedestrians and shoppers for eye-level viewing, or at curbside to influence vehicular traffic.

Bicycles and Bicycle Racks

Bus Shelters

Bus Benches


Newsstands and Newsracks

In Store Advertising

Pedestrian Panels 

Shopping Malls

Advertising displays affixed to moving vehicles or positioned in the common areas of transit stations, terminals and airports.



Blimps & Custom Inflatables

Buses - Interior

Fully Wrapped Buses

In-Flight Advertising

King-Size Bus Posters

Mobile Billboards

Queen-Size Bus Posters

Rail Systems & Subways


Truckside & Fleet Displays

Place-Based OOH
Just about anything you could imagine. New products are constantly being developed. Here is just a sample of what's available:

Arena & Stadium Advertising


Gas Station

Marine Vessels

Place-Based Advertising

Place-Based Digital Networks


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