King-Size Bus Posters

The king size bus poster is an exterior display which may appear on either side of the bus. Copy is inserted in an aluminum frame attached to the side of the bus, or may be printed on self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive vinyl which is affixed directly to the side of the bus. Backlit kings are available in some markets.


Overall Size: 30” H x 144” W (trim size)
Backlit: 29” H x 143” W
Copy Area: 27” H x 141” W


Lithography or screen printed or digital. Copy bleeds on all sides. Sheets are overlapped 1/2”, left on right and overlap areas must be unprinted and unvarnished. 


For buses requiring direct application vinyl, Fasson Transit Vinyl or Fasson Transit Vinyl II, FLEXcon BUSmark, or 3M films with Controltac should be used. For framed buses, vinyl is preferred. 
Weatherproof/waterproof vinyl inks, including UV inks. 

Mechanicals should be scaled 1/8” to 1”. Digital output resolution 300 dpi. 

Copy must be produced in two sections, left overlapping right 1/2”. The printed area of each section is generally 72”. Right-hand segment of poster should measure 72 1/2” overall, however, to avoid splitting copy or illustration, uneven widths are also acceptable. 

Fifteen percent over the number of posters indicated for the program is required for every eight week period. 

Ten working days prior to posting date. 

For maximum durability, conventional or UV clear top-coating should be applied to poster surface.

Modified: 2 years