The OAAA is committed to its members while helping to drive business growth, market share, and industry visibility. From important research to standards and guidelines, lobbying efforts, and more, OAAA always strives for new heights of collaborative excellence. OAAA is not only the premier OOH trade association but is the unified voice of the entire OOH advertising industry.

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OAAA Creates Value
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OAAA provides the tools, resources, and support members need to win in the marketplace.


OAAA protects, unites, and advances the interests of out of home media ecosystem in the legislative and regulatory arenas. We champion the benefits of OOH at the national, state and local levels.


OAAA is an authoritative and progressive thought leader that raises awareness and elevates the entire OOH industry with advertisers, agencies, partners, communities, and consumers. We embrace change, walk the talk, and lead from the front.

Unified Vision

OAAA creates collaborative success for its members by balancing their needs while building a collective and unified vision for where OOH advertising and the industry are headed.


OAAA brings a high level of experience and expertise to all OOH initiatives, including government affairs, marketing, research, communications, and operations.


OAAA uses all the communication platforms at its disposal to inform, educate, and promote the power of OOH.

Resources Center

As part of our mission to drive the entire OOH industry forward, OAAA provides comprehensive, exclusive resources for its members that reduce friction and put OOH on equal footing with other media by making it easier to plan, buy, and sell.


OAAA has a variety of memberships, each created with specific benefits for an organization’s industry vertical and business priorities. Explore each of our membership opportunities below.

Any company that is involved in the design, planning, or media buying of OOH – including advertisers, ad agencies, and media buying services – can take advantage of comprehensive service and support, including:

  1. OOH Creative Testing Tool – the best way to ensure the right creative execution to maximize your OOH media investment. Effective OOH messaging creative greatly increases consumer response, which in turn enhances your client relationships. Plus, our OOH Creative Primer provides guidelines and recommendations on everything from color combinations to font sizes.
  2. Marketing Research
    • OOH Studies – the most extensive OOH research library available on the value of OOH and how it amplifies other media investments. ROI research shows how OOH competes with TV, and outperforms radio, print, and digital display, and significantly boosts the ROI of search. Nielsen’s online activation survey reveals OOH drives online activity much more efficiently than any other offline media channel and banner ads.
    • Ad Spend (Kantar Media) – DMA-based ad spend data for insights on advertiser spend and trends on competing local media and OOH. We also offer Hoover’s product category reports that examine a broad variety of industries, including trends and opportunities.
    • Demographic Reports – insights into customized geographies (US, state, county, CBSA, zip) and key demographics such as age, gender, race/ethnicity, HHI, education, marital status, population density, and much more.
  3. National Conference + Expo – this major annual industry event delivers the latest insights on the exciting evolution and potential of OOH media in the digital age. Loaded with thought-provoking speakers and programs, the conference also offers endless networking opportunities with key industry decision makers.
  4. OOH Education – this downloadable OOH capabilities presentation is designed for ad agencies but can easily be customized for direct client usage. It covers the state of the industry, the latest consumer research, reviews outstanding creative examples and highlights time-saving tools like the OOH media locator, SQAD for OOH, the Planning for OOH Media Guide, and much more. We even offer in-person OOH education directly to your team.

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OAAA protects, advocates, and accelerates the growth of the entire OOH industry while reaching new heights of collaborative success with its members.

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