Use of OAAA logos by Members


OAAA reserves the right to change these rules as deemed appropriate.

OAAA members in good standing may display the OAAA logo as a means of exhibiting their affiliation with OAAA.

The logo consists of its art design and the acronym OAAA. The logo must be used in its entirety and the colors may not be altered.

The appropriate notation “Member” must be displayed directly below the OAAA logo.

 Use of the OAAA logo without a member designation is prohibited.

The logo (used only with the word “Member”) may appear on current members’ literature, signage, business and electronic correspondence, and website provided it takes secondary status in appearance to the member’s name and credentials.

Use of the logo or OAAA’s name or acronym by non-members or members that have allowed their membership to lapse due to non-payment is strictly forbidden.

To ensure accurate color reproduction when commercially printed, the OAAA red is Pantone 485C.

Without the express written permission of OAAA, neither OAAA’s logo, name, or acronym:
>May be displayed to imply endorsement by OAAA of any product, event, position, action, or idea; or
>May be used in any form to make statements on behalf of the organization or to address political issues.

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