Helping Members in Crisis “Essential Business,” Stimulus and More…

Paul Cook of Wolverine Sign Works wanted a clear understanding of how stimulus loans would be forgiven.

“The explanation (on the OAAA webinar) was the best I’ve heard,” Cook said. “Now I understand it.”

  • Click here for OAAA’s webinar on the Paycheck Protection Program (April 20)
  • Click here for OAAA’s webinar on “essential business” designations (March 24)
  • Click here for OAAA’s resource page on COVID-19

OAAA’s core (government affairs) mission in crisis is to lobby and educate decision makers and also to translate/explain government policy.

With other business allies, OAAA pushed Congress to provide more stimulus help for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) aimed at avoiding furloughs. OAAA also explained how the program works and how to apply.

Congress seems likely to extend the Paycheck Protection Program; the initial federal allocation was exhausted by April 16.

Puzzled by government orders, out of home media companies continue to query OAAA for help. For example, one member company sought (and received) clarification of stimulus policies regarding airports and their partners.

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