Across The Desk: Betsy J. McLarney

What excites you about OOH right now?

All options are on the table; there is deep versatility in our medium, from mass appeal of billboards to the in home, personalization of branded pizza boxes.  No canvas is too inconsequential to be considered; today’s media buyers are creatively intertwining the message and medium to reach audiences using innovation. They are using all media choices at their disposal, breaking through the digital noise most often with OOH’s broad spectrum of offerings.

Which recent OOH campaign inspired you?

Highlighting a community imperative, Twitter’s latest mask up campaign focuses on the motivation to protect ourselves and others at a point of virus fatigue. Their research showed that over 100 million tweets in March were mask-related and the debate has continued to rage on, like the virus. Twitter recognizes OOH’s value proposition with their investment over the last few years, investing where there is a clear return.  They have translated the words that define them to compelling messages living in the real world that can’t be missed.  Their message is timely from a public health perspective and creatively relevant with “word of mouth” messages derived from their audience.

What is the next big thing for OOH?

The proof that OOH drives awareness and creates demand.  Even though OOH is one of the most cost-effective mediums based on CPMs, it needs to demonstrate cause and effect more consistently and convincingly.  A recent Harris poll study clearly demonstrates the public’s receptivity to OOH. 

Covid-19 has tightened ad budgets globally and increased demand for evidence that every dollar spent exponentially drives revenue while making it more efficient.  There are many attribution tools at a marketer’s disposal, some publicly available and others proprietary; collecting the data that measures and optimizes campaign performance relative to the advertiser’s KPIs will lead to larger allocations for the OOH media budget.


Modified: 2 years