FOARE Research

Programs That Are Vital to the Future of Out of Home (OOH) Advertising

FOARE enhances and expands knowledge into OOH’s most important issues by supporting critical and innovative research and education programs. This helps ensure that OOH advertising is competitive and a preferred means for marketing and communication. FOARE’s research is available to all OAAA members and is frequently published in major journals.  

FOARE’s research spans diverse areas, including land use takings, downtown mixed-use development impacts, and public opinion studies and articles. FOARE’s most impactful research programs include: 

  • Groundbreaking research on digital billboard traffic safety issues: 
    • Human factors (eye-glance) research and articles submitted to national academic journals (VTTI)
    • Six accident data studies by Tantala Associates: Cleveland/Cuyahoga County, OH (two studies); Rochester, MN; Albuquerque, NM; Reading, PA; and Richmond, VA 
    • Research to assess future technologies and innovations
  • The development of course curricula (developed by Professor Ray Taylor, Villanova University) for college marketing and advertising programs at more than 600 US colleges and universities, along with materials about the OOH industry provided to textbook publishers. 
  • The future of OOH advertising in a self-driving America, including how the changes in mobility will lead to new technological advances and new OOH opportunities. 

FOARE has also made a significant funding commitment to OAAA’s positioning project and rebranding initiative. 

For more information on FOARE’s research, contact Stephen Freitas at (202) 833-5566.