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OOH Media Plan Awards Entry

Please complete the following information when submitting entries to the 2019 Out of Home Media Plan Awards. Complete responses as fully as possible for each entry.

Each entry will be eligible to win the OOH Media Plan of the Year Award, as well as Gold or Silver Media Plan Award designations. In addition, one campaign will be selected as the Ratings-Driven Media Plan Award.

The OOH Media Plan Awards run on a mid-year cycle, so eligible campaigns will have been posted between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

All campaigns must be submitted by August 16, 2019.

Key Contact Information


Campaign Details


Planning Team



Provide a situational analysis of the brand at the time the media plan was constructed. What were the opportunities, challenges, needs, and issues related to the analysis?


State the communications and advertising objectives which were used to formulate the media plan. Include specific demographic targets and other pertinent information.


Describe the recommended plan created to address the objectives. Indicate how each campaign element was selected and used. 

Plan Details:


Audience Metrics



Describe how the budget was allocated for the media plan and what portion of the plan was allocated for OOH media.


Provide quantifiable results (i.e. sales increase, website or social traffic increase, consumer response to specific offer or promotion) and any custom research that was conducted. Include any press features that support the success of the campaign.




Additional Information

Provide any other relevant comments or observations that testify to the success of the OOH campaign.


Proof of Performance

Include at least three digital images of the creative in the environment. Images must be in JPEG, PNG, or PDF formats 2MB or smaller per each image. Please include clear, high quality images to be included with each submission.

If you would like to submit more than five images, please contact Will Collier at wcollier@oaaa.org.

Proprietary information should be removed prior to submission. Information collected by this form will be used by OAAA and shared publically. By clicking submit you agree to these terms.

Identical advertisements displayed during the 2016 calendar year, but entered in any previous OAAA OOH Media Plan Awards competition, are ineligible.