Send Love

OAAA encourages you to send love! Talon has developed a creative campaign that brings unity to the global community’s fight against the effects of COVID-19. ITts an omnichannel concept with OOH playing a starring role.

It’s a campaign that encourages social activity, sending love for those in places we can’t travel to, showing them the world is with them in the fight. It’s a call to action that encourages people to get creative with their submissions, turning everyday people into the stars of the campaign. 

The concept can literally be flown around the world without getting anywhere near a plane. One that can be truly international working together with the global OOH associations and media owners, unifying the world in the fight against COVID-19.


WHAT MEDIA OWNERS NEED TO DO : Register intent to support the campaign by submitting this form - by doing so you’ll be providing to Talon:

  • Your Agreement to take part - We’d like you to sign-up through the form to register your interest. 
  • PR / Marketing Contact information - We’re going to credit everyone in as many places as possible. Please provide Marketing and PR contacts.
  • List of DOOH sites you wish to donate in each city - Locations where you would like to display the creative. This will peovide a list of places people are able to send love to! 
  • Contact details for creative delivery - Who should receive the creative assets?

In the next few days, participants will receive an email containing a template spreadsheet from the Talon production team that will need the following input:

  • Creative specifications for each DOOH site being offered for the campaign - The content will be supplied as static JPEGs so pixel sizes for each DOOH screen is required. 
  • A high quality image for each OOH site - This one is important. The images sent will be used for social sharing with those participating. It how they will see their photos rendered onto the OOH sites. Please provide high quality images for each DOOH
    site, one that millions of people will potentially see!

A copy of a deck explaining the campaign in more detail can be found here.