Become An OAAA Cause-Related Campaign Partner

Become An OAAA Cause-Related Campaign Partner

The OOH advertising industry has a proud tradition of public service, dating back to before the first World War. The industry donates more than $500 million in space and production every year.

Individual companies engage in extensive public service efforts in their local markets. Local non-profits and charities should use the Find a Member section to identify local OOH advertising companies from which they can request assistance.

OAAA designates a select number of non-profits as national public service partners. These partners receive substantial operational and promotional support from OAAA, as well as placement in a wide variety of large, medium, and small markets. OAAA provides assistance with creating the campaign, finding a printer, designing a solicitation, promotion to OAAA members, and public relations post-campaign launch.

OAAA national public service partner campaigns are made available to all OAAA members.

To be eligible as a national public service partner, organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • Non-profit; charitable, or civic in nature
  • Spend no money for advertising time or space in any competing medium
  • Communicate a message that is not commercial, political, or editorial in nature
  • Promote a campaign with a national footprint

National public service partners receive pro bono advertising on a space available basis. This means a public service campaign will receive wide placement across a market, often for longer than a traditional media buy. Average return on investment in terms of advertising value for a national public service partner is approximately 20:1.

While the space is provided pro bono, national public service partners are required to pay for the production of the campaign materials (such as PE bulletins, single sheet posters, and bus shelters).

Paying a portion of posting fees is not required for OAAA partner campaigns. However, budgeting for posting fees greatly increases the potential reach and frequency of the campaign.

National public service partner campaigns are intended to run on static billboards and other OOH display formats, including bus shelters, mall kiosks, taxi tops, and transit.




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