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Nature's Essential Workers

With support from OAAA members, Nature’s essential workers will be front and center to support EARTHDAY.ORG

Please support this important campaign that launches on the first day of Climate Week, September 21 and runs for four weeks. The campaign features plants and animals that provide essential services to our ecosystem and aims to reinforce the interdependence of humans and the natural world.

The campaign illustrates EARTHDAY.ORG’s creative collaboration with OAAA. “We’re continuing to work with our partners to tackle the environmental challenges of the past and enter a new era of climate restoration,” said Kathleen Rogers, President of EARTHDAY.ORG. “Heading into the next Earth Day, we are focused on our theme of ‘Restore Our Earth.’ All of the living organisms featured in the ad campaign are critical to preserving the environment and supporting the planet’s ecosystems.”

Trees, bees, coral, fish, and butterflies are featured in the OOH ad campaign. Our forests capture and store vast amounts of carbon and release oxygen into the air. Bees are essential pollinators that provide food for humans and other animals and are responsible for every third bite of food we take. While coral reefs take up less than 1% of the ocean floor, they support more than 25% of all ocean life. Parrot fish maintain the health of coral reefs and remove excess algae that make it difficult for corals to thrive. Lastly, butterflies pollinate native plants and foster diversity among plant and animal life.

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