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Public Service

The OOH advertising industry regularly provides free advertising space for charitable causes, a practice dating back to the early 1900s. The industry donates more than $500 million each year to local and national non-profit groups that can’t afford paid advertising.

Most local OOH advertising companies have policies and procedures pertaining to the acceptance of a charitable organization’s public service advertisement (PSA). Usually an organization must be non-profit and not paying for advertising in another medium. OOH companies donate the monthly ad space fee on a space available basis. In most cases OOH companies donate posting fees, but since this entails real labor costs, some do not. The public service recipient receives broad market exposure for 30 days or more.

OAAA provides support and sponsorship for numerous national organizations and facilitates campaign contributions from OOH advertising companies. 

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OAAA designates a select number of non-profits as national public service partners. These partners receive substantial operational and promotional support from OAAA, as well as placement in a wide variety of large, medium, and small markets. OAAA provides assistance with creating the campaign, finding a printer, designing a solicitation, promotion to OAAA members, and public relations post-campaign launch.

OAAA national public service partner campaigns are made available to all OAAA members. For additional information about becoming an OAAA National Public Service Partner, please continue to our Partner Page.

Public Service Partnerships


The Ad Council

The Ad Council produces, distributes and promotes campaigns that improve everyday lives. Our memorable work inspires ongoing dialogue, engagement and action around significant public issues, creating a measurable difference in society. 

A private, non-profit organization, the Ad Council focuses on approximately 50 national campaigns at a time, each sponsored by non-profit organizations or federal government agencies. In total, Ad Council campaigns receive more than $1 billion in donated media annually. 

Our non-profit organizations and federal government agency partners typically receive 10 times the return on their investment through donated media placements.

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American Red Cross

The Home Fire Campaign helps save lives by installing free smoke alarms in homes and educating people about home fire safety.

The American Red Cross, through its strong network of volunteers, donors and partners, is always there in times of need. We aspire to turn compassion into action so that all people affected by disaster across the country and around the world receive care, shelter and hope, our communities are ready and prepared for disasters and everyone in our country has access to safe, lifesaving blood and blood products.

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Boom has been amplifying cause-related campaigns for almost two-decades. Our nonprofit clients work tirelessly for missions and causes that matter to individuals, families and communities. Communities that you, out of home advertising industry, cater too. The PSA team at Boom Broadcast and Media Relations – brings over 50 years combined experience in PR, media relations, marketing communications and content production. Please let us know how we can support your efforts to bring awareness and solutions that can change lives.

Please take a look at our active campaigns, download or request assets and post as soon and as often as possible. You can reach us at BoomEcho@boombroadcast.com

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Active PSA Campaigns


The new COVID-19 Vaccines Education Campaign, It’s Up to You The new COVID-19 Vaccines Education Campaign, It’s Up to You

This COVID-19 Vaccines Education Campaign acknowledges people’s questions and the need for more information, encouraging people to get those answers and connecting them with the information they need to make an educated decision.

The COVID-19 vaccines have the potential to transform life as we know it today and save hundreds of thousands of lives—but they can only be successful if millions of Americans recognize the urgency, safety and vital importance of getting vaccinated.

OAAA is encouraging its members to post these PSAs to encourage Americans to get the latest vaccine information to get us all on the road back to the moments and people we miss most.  It’s Up to You OOH inventory is now available, including both English and Spanish creative in all major sizes.  

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FBI Request: DOOH FBI Request: DOOH

Building on a previous request, the FBI now seeks our assistance in identifying/apprehending those responsible for placing pipe bombs in Washington, DC on January 5 near the headquarters buildings of both major political parties. The FBI is offering a significant reward. Please post, now through April 22.

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Earth Day 2021 - Restore Our Earth Earth Day 2021 - Restore Our Earth

OAAA has partnered with EARTHDAY.ORG to help broaden, educate, and activate the environmental movement across the globe. This year, EARTHDAY.ORG is asking the OOH industry to join their Restore Our Earth campaign to spur conversations and action around climate restoration. Assets are available to download and post April 7 - 22

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#nowyork #nowyork

#nowyork is a collective made up of passionate New Yorkers and lovers of New York. COVID-19 was a setback, but the message is clear–New York is back. This group has come together to inspire the world to go and enjoy all that the 5 boroughs have to offer. Click here to learn more.

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Anti-Asian Hate Anti-Asian Hate

Creative provided by Bob Matsumoto. To learn more about the artist, check out "Advertising Alum Bob Matsumoto's Journey From Manzanar To Art Center And A Thriving Career."

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#StopAsianHate #StopAsianHate

In light of current events impacting communities across the nation and requests from many OAAA members for creative, please find enclosed digital OOH assets for the #StopAsianHate movement. 

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American Humane Society American Humane Society

Founded in 1877, American Humane is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals. Thier leadership programs are first to serve in promoting and nurturing the bonds between animals and humans.

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COVID-19 Mask Awareness COVID-19 Mask Awareness

Thanks to our members, the OOH industry has generously provided important and significant public service messaging this year in an effort to combat the impact of COVID-19. Last March, the OOH industry was the first media channel to support public health interests by launching a nationwide CDC COVID-19 spread prevention campaign.
Right now, positive COVID-19 cases are spiking at alarming rates. That’s why OAAA is asking its members to again commit to supporting public safety by posting CDC mask wearing creative starting this week and into early 2021. Together, the OOH industry can spread an important public health message that could help stop the spread of COVID-19

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Pass It On Pass It On

We appreciate your ongoing support of the “Pass It On” campaign. These positive messages have been an inspiration to millions of people around the country for nearly 20 years. In fact, your participation has helped make this the most enduring out of home public service program having now surpassed 200 billion impressions. You should be very proud of your part in this extremely important and well-received program.

We think you will enjoy the newest uplifting messages including Elton John—Beloved global rock icon and dedicated AIDS activist, Misty Copeland; A recent GRAMMYS performer and the first African American ballerina to be named “Principal Dancer” with the American Ballet, Mister Rogers—A past favorite, adored by millions for his gentle wisdom, and other favorites in the campaign include Oprah Winfrey, Jackie Robinson, the Wright Brothers and messages of “Optimism” and “Peace” we believe you will enjoy.

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AIMM’s #SeeALL is an industry-wide movement to drive increased accurate representation of Multicultural and Inclusive segments in ads and programming by prioritizing the use of cultural insights in the content in order to connect with consumers at the heart, thus maximizing corporate growth.

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ArtPop Street Gallery ArtPop Street Gallery

ArtPop is a 501c3 organization that gives communities across the country greater access to art, by supporting the artists that create it.

We do that by promoting their work on available media space — on billboards, on the sides of buses, across news racks, in airport terminals — which we secure through the generous donations of media companies across the country.

ArtPop has operated in 14 cities and 11 states since 2014, displaying the work of over 300 artists in our street galleries from Charlotte, NC to Las Vegas.

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