Sales Tips: Promising Signs for OOH in Second Half 2020

The third webinar of the OAAA series, OOH and the Impact of COVID-19, was held last week, and contained a number of encouraging signs and important data points for the industry.

Among the positive signals and useful updates covered in the webinar:

  • MAGNA projects OOH will outperform all other traditional media competitors, despite a forecasted decrease of 17% in 2020
  • For 2021, MAGNA forecasts impressive 10% OOH growth, even surpassing digital media growth
  • The vast majority of national advertisers plan to ramp up ad spend in Q3 2020, and creativity assumes greater importance
  • Local advertiser sentiment about the economy has returned to normal ranges
  • Nationwide passenger vehicle travel is now at pre-COVID levels
  • Consumer confidence has increased across the US, supporting a geographically broad recovery in consumer spending
  • 53% of consumers plan to take a summer vacation, 78% will be undertaking a journey by road, and 62% plan to use their personal car as their primary mode of transportation
  • Gas prices are at recent historical lows and the car is overwhelming viewed as the safest form of consumer transportation
  • Categories offering unique OOH opportunities include summer travel, political advertising and cannabis-related products

You can access the presentation deck and recording here, and the Consumer Summer Travel Infographic here.