Sales Tips: OOH Will Intercept Even More Consumers in Early 2022

“Consumer Insights and Intent for Early 2022”, the latest insights report from OAAA and The Harris Poll, highlights opportunities for OOH media the first half of 2022 as consumer optimism and travel intent continue to rise, as the pandemic recedes. This latest survey finds COVID-19 isn’t holding back most consumer travel for 2022, and after an uncertain year, many Americans are ready for winter travel.

Key highlights from the full report will be reviewed over the next few weeks, and here are topline findings related to commuting, and local and vacation travel.

Commuting Continues to Grow Among Workers

  • 74% are commuting at least part time right now
  • 78% expect to be commuting at least part time the first half of 2022 including:
    • 81% of Millennials
    • 80% in cities of 1M+ population
    • 78% of Gen Z and Gen X

Most Consumers Plan Vacation Travel the First Half of 2022

  • 72% plan to travel for vacation
  • 48% plan to travel for vacation regardless of COVID conditions

Travelers Using Airlines Will Increase Significantly the First Half of 2022

  • 51% of travelers plan to fly
    • Which is more than double the number who flew during the 2020 holidays
    • 35% more than the number who flew during Summer 2021

Businesses Consumers Plan to Visit Weekly or at an Even Greater Frequency

  • 86% will visit Grocery Stores
  • 57% will visit Retail Stores
  • 54% will visit Restaurants
  • 43% will visit Drug Stores/Pharmacies

Many Consumers Plan a Return to a “Normal” Lifestyle

  • 70% expect to have local travel patterns similar to or greater than pre-COVID
  • 42% plan to live as normally as possible – almost double from winter 2021 (23%)
  • Another 26% are focused on creative ways to socialize safely in-person

You can download here the full research study, the Executive Summary, and the Infographics.

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll