Sales Tips: OOH is Highly Relevant with Consumers

“Consumer Insights and Intent for Early 2022”, the latest insights report from OAAA and The Harris Poll, highlights opportunities for OOH media the first half of 2022 as consumer optimism and travel should continue to rise. This latest survey finds OOH advertising is more relevant with consumers than ever before, defines the broad variety products for which they most utilize OOH, and highlights the type of ad messages they find most useful.

Key highlights from the full report are being reviewed in a series of Sales Tips, and you can find last week’s tip on 2022 consumer travel intent here. You can download here the full research study, the Executive Summary, and the Infographics.

Here are topline findings related to OOH relevance with today’s consumers, ages 18+:

Consumers Noticing OOH Ads More than Pre-Pandemic

  • 42% are noticing OOH ads more
  • 23% are noticing OOH ads much more
  • 47% are noticing OOH much more in cities of 1M+ population

85% of Viewers Find OOH Ads Useful

Types of OOH ad messages consumers find most useful:

  • 42% Special offers and promotions
  • 38% COVID safety and hygiene
  • 29% Awareness of new business/service
  • 25% Advertiser services and business hours
  • 21% Advertiser website or social media information

Consumers Rate a Wide Variety of OOH Product Ads as Most Relevant

  • 63% Retail
  • 62% Fast food
  • 60% Food & Beverages
  • 55% Health Services
  • 54% Consumer Technology
  • 52% Automotive
  • 43% Insurance
  • 43% Financial Services

Digital Media Consumption Grew During the Pandemic, But:

  • 74% are concerned with data privacy, and use of personal information/behavior for online ad targeting
  • 62% frequently skip online ads due to digital device burnout
  • 39% are actively trying to spend less time on their phone, computer, or reduce TV viewing

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll