Sales Tips: OOH Generates High Levels of Consumer Engagement

he latest report from OAAA and The Harris Poll, “Consumer Insights and Intent for Early 2022”, defines the many ways OOH media is engaging consumers as the economic recovery from COVID-19 continues. The Harris Poll research finds OOH advertising drives high levels of real-world consumer actions, delivers additional reach through social media, and provides insights for brands on how to create the most engaging OOH ads.

Key highlights from the full report have been reviewed in a series of Sales Tips, and you can find previous week’s tip on 2022 consumer travel intent here and OOH consumer relevance here. You can also download here the full research study, the Executive Summary, and this Infographic on consumer engagement.

Here are topline findings related to OOH relevance with today’s consumers, ages 18+:

OOH Ads Drive Real-World Action

  • 77% of consumers in cities of 1M+ population have recently engaged with an OOH ad
  • 57% of consumers in all areas of the US have recently engaged with an OOH ad
  • Among those who engaged:
    • 43% visited the advertiser’s website
    • 39% searched for more information about advertiser/product
    • 39% made a physical purchase (including 42% of Gen Z and 46% of Millennials)
    • 28% downloaded an app (including 46% of Gen Z and 38% of Millennials)
    • 22% took a photo of the ad
    • 20% shared the ad by word of mouth

OOH Ads Deliver Important Earned Impressions Through Social Media

  • 67% of both Gen Z and Millennials have seen an OOH ad reposted in social media
  • 91% of Gen Z and 82% of Millennials would reshare an OOH ad in social media
    • 21% of Gen X and 17% of Gen Z would reshare ads featuring their favorite musical artist
    • 25% of Millennials would reshare a television show or movie ad
    • 15% of Women and Millennials would reshare clothing ads
    • 14% of Millennials would reshare sporting event ads
    • 14% of Gen Z would reshare car or truck ads

OOH Ads That Best Capture Consumer Attention and Engagement

  • 62% – ads featuring their favorite brand or product
  • 52% – ads highlight local businesses, artists, or events
  • 51% – ads featuring favorite artist, celebrity, or influencer
  • 48% – ads providing access to new product from favorite brand (NFC, QR code, SMS)
  • 45% – ads customized with information based on current time, weather, location
  • 45% – ads that are colorful and vibrant
  • 38% – ads that are clever or funny
  • 36% – ads that are simple in design with few words

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll