Sales Tips: OOH Engaging Consumers More Than Ever Before


New research from OAAA, in conjunction with The Harris Poll, finds nearly half of adult Americans (45%) report noticing OOH advertising more than they did before the pandemic. In urban areas of one million or more, the increased notice rate of OOH ads jumps to 69 percent.

The Harris Poll study examined the impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior, including the effect on their fourth quarter holiday travel and shopping plans. There was even more encouraging news for the OOH industry, as 67 percent of US adults still plan to travel for the holidays, and 56 percent plan to travel by personal vehicle. In addition, 42 percent of consumers anticipate traveling as much or more than last year, and over 60 percent plan to spend the same or more on holiday gifts and meals compared to 2019.

Additional research highlights include:

  • Consumers have a renewed appreciation for the outdoors and the safety it offers:
    • 69% have increased appreciation for their outdoor surroundings
    • 65% try to get out of the house as often say they can
    • 40% are walking more since the pandemic hit
    • 65% have been trying to find safe outdoor activities to spend their time
  • OOH is equipping them with the knowledge they need:
    • 38% found COVID-19 safety information to be useful from the ads
    • 29% felt grateful for useful information from the ad
    • 23% saw special offers and promotions
    • 23% were educated about something new
    • 20% saw updates on the advertiser business hours and services
    • 20% felt comforted as it was a sign that businesses are back.
  • Consumers are suffering from digital device burnout and tuning out digital online ads:
    • 68% agree that they are spending so much time looking at screens these days that they are tuning out digital ads.
  • The demand for outdoor experiences is on the rise:
    • 71% are interested in walking around their town or neighborhood
    • 58% are interested in spending time in a public park
    • 57% are interested in outdoor seating at restaurants or bars
    • 52% are interested in outside pop-up retail shops

The research results were presented by The Harris Poll’s CEO, John Gerzema, in this week’s OAAA Lunch Break webinar and the recording can be accessed here, along with full study report, executive summary and Infographic.

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll