Sales Tips: OAAA OOH Marketing Tools for Success in 2020

OAAA offers valuable resources to help members succeed in today’s rapidly-changing ad marketplace. Here’s a top ten list of resources every member should utilize to increase their success in 2020.

  1. OOH Capabilities Presentation and OOH App – topline proof points on the value of the medium, and a handy app that provides instant access to the data you’re seeking.
  2. OOH Creative Mockup Generator – envision how ads convey in four different environmental scenes and a host of OOH formats. Great educational tool to assist clients in simplifying their message.
  3. OOH Case Studies – hundreds of success stories including a section dedicated entirely to local case studies.
  4. OOH Sales Training – nine modules covering the value of OOH, its measurement, basis selling skills, crafting client proposals and more.
  5. OOH Marketing Research Studies – studies review OOH ROI, formats, online activation and more.
  6. OOH Customized Research Request Form – customized reports based on your needs for ad spend, demographics analysis and DMA-level market profiles.
  7. Product Category Reports – Dun & Bradstreet/Hoover’s product category reports by industry to assist with strategy for presentations. The reports even include suggested sales call questions.
  8. Sales Tips – Hundreds of archived tips on subjects ranging from the automotive category to seasonal retail topics and much more.
  9. Product Category Spend Analysis – review monthly spend by key product categories to understand key opportunities throughout the year.
  10. 2020 Retail Marketing Promotional Calendar 2019–2021 Posting Calendar – highlighting key retail marketing dates throughout 2020, and a three-year posting calendar.

To get sales prospecting off to a great start, here are insights on the top consumer New Year’s resolutions for 2020. Most of the resolutions relate directly to businesses in your local marketplace.

Through the third quarter of 2019, OOH is up 7 percent and MAGNA projects another positive year for OOH in 2020 with growth of 3.7 percent. Keep the momentum rolling by deploying the resources noted above.

For even more insights to start in 2020 in prime fashion, be sure to join the OAAA Trends webinar on Wednesday, February 5.

Happy selling!