Sales Tips: Local Advertiser Focus — Insights for Finishing Strong in 2021 and Planning for 2022

Borrell Associates’ latest Local Advertiser Survey, which was fielded from April – June 2021, was recently released and contains valuable insights for OOH.  The profile of Borrell Associates’ 2,811 respondents included:

  • 79% small or medium size businesses
  • 60% in business for over 20 years
  • 83% independent businesses
  • Top five individual industries surveyed: Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Restaurants, Insurance Agencies/Brokers, Colleges/Universities/Professional Schools, and Physicians’ Offices
  • The South (33%) and Midwest (30%) regions comprised the greatest number of respondents followed by the West (19%) and the Northeast (16%)

In analyzing 2020 marketing and advertising spend shown in the chart below, the survey found OOH occupied the number four position in total local ad spend. Looking at the current year, 21 percent of the respondents reported they were spending more in OOH than last year, and the only other ad or marketing channels more frequently mentioned were digital, events or sponsorships or direct mail. In comparison to traditional core media, OOH was tied with broadcast and cable TV for the greatest increased spend over 2020.

Asked to name traits deemed “very to extremely important” when selecting a media company, the attributes in the chart below were noted by over half of the respondents, with a “high level of marketing expertise” being the most valued.

When questioned about their preferences for placing ad buys, email or in-person communication  with the media representative was named by almost three-quarters of those surveyed. Interestingly, even though 43 percent of the respondents said they used a DIY platform, only 13 percent stated it was their preferred form of placing buys. This statistic is less surprising considering the chart immediately above highlighting traits advertisers judge most important.

Source: Borrell Associates