Sales Tips: Gen Z’s Favorite Brands are OOH’s Top Spenders

Morning Consult’s new special report, Gen Z’s Most Loved Brands, reveals that many brands most loved by consumers, ages 8 – 23, are also among the largest OOH advertisers. Gen Z’s top ten brand name list includes Netflix, YouTube, Google, Amazon, Apple, Target, Spotify, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Disney+. Of the top ten list, Amazon, Apple, Google and Netflix were all among the top 16 OOH spenders in 2019, and all four remain among the top 25 OOH spenders as of the first half of 2020.

The Nielsen OOH Advertising Study revealed US adult travelers, ages 16 – 24, over-index in  OOH viewership across fifteen different OOH formats when compared to the US average. The Nielsen research makes a solid case for OOH inclusion in media plans targeted to Gen Zers.

Morning Consult’s August 2020 report included more than 7,000 Gen Zers and uncovered compelling data for advertisers and OOH. Their report notes that the gap between most loved brands and all others has widened during the pandemic, reinforcing the importance of brand affinity as a powerful protector during challenging economic times.

While COVID-19 has dramatically impacted spending across the entire economic spectrum, Gen Zers distinct priorities make them a unique target opportunity for advertisers. More than any other age group, Gen Zers are reporting engagement with new hobbies or pastimes as a result of the pandemic.

The report revealed one of the broadest opportunities for brands is that Gen Zers are significantly less brand aware than other segments, so they are open to new influences.

However, when it comes to drivers of brand affinity, the Gen Z segment has quite different motivators. They are much more compelled by the innovation and entertainment aspects brands offer.

OOH offers a big, bold creative canvas for advertisers to engage Gen Zers in fun and entertaining ways near the point of sale or transaction. Plus, OOH isn’t disrupting their consumer content experience, and OOH ads can’t be delayed, skipped or turned off.

Lastly, Gen Zers are one of the consumer segments most engaged with digital devices. OOH not only drives online engagement more efficiently than TV, radio, print and banner ads, but  66 percent of travelers ages 16+ report OOH ads have led them to take actions on their mobile devices.

Source: Kantar, Morning Consult, Nielsen