Sales Tips: 2022 OOH Growth Fueled by Increased Consumer Engagement and Mobility

MAGNA projects an 11 percent increase for OOH in 2022, and the latest OAAA and Harris Poll research provides insights about the growth drivers. Forty-three percent (43%) of US adult consumers are noticing OOH ads more than before the pandemic, and that number jumps to 59 percent with Millennials, 62 percent in cities with populations of one million plus, and 63 percent with Gen Z.

Consumer mobility continues to grow with four of five workers reporting they’ll be commuting at least part time this spring, and almost two-thirds (63%) report they’ll be commuting daily.

While OOH advertising is resonating more than ever, consumers are reporting high levels of annoyance and fatigue with ad-sponsored digital media content. About eighty percent (78%) of consumers state they are annoyed with ads that interrupt their viewing, listening, and reading experiences.

Data points supporting the many ways consumer mobility is rising, and OOH is engaging consumers more than ever are noted below and summarized in an Infographic available to OAAA members.      

Commuting Continues to Grow Among Workers

  • 80% plan to commute at least part time this Spring
  • 84% plan to commute at least part time this Summer 
  • 63% plan to commute daily this Spring, rising to 64% in Summer  

Rising Consumer Comfort with All Modes of Transportation

  • 74% of Millennials in cities of 1M+ population feel safe traveling by train
  • 69% of adults feel safe flying
  • Over 60% of adults feel safe using ride share or taxis 
  • 58% in cities of 1M+ population feel safe traveling by subway

Consumers Noticing OOH Ads More Compared to Pre-Pandemic

  • 43% of adult consumers 
  • 59% of Millennials
  • 62% in cities of 1M+ population 
  • 63% of Gen Z

Consumers are Annoyed by Ad Sponsored Digital Media Content and Feeling Device Fatigue

  • 78% are annoyed with ads that interrupt viewing, listening, and reading experiences
  • 73% are concerned about personal security and data when using online devices
  • 68% frequently skip online ads due to digital device burnout
  • 43% are actively trying to spend less time on their phone, computer, or reduce TV viewing

OAAA members can access the full Harris Poll research webinar highlighting a number of key opportunities for OOH, and supporting Infographics.

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll, Kantar