Sales Tips: 2020 OOH Trends

The annual Trends webinar is the most popular of the OAAA webinar series, and “2020 OOH Trends” was presented this Wednesday, February 5. In case you missed it, or simply want to review the information again, visit the OAAA Webinar Library  where you can access the presentation deck and the audio recording. “2020 OOH Trends” covers these topics:

  • Government Affairs
    • Regulation, Political, Cannabis, Privacy
  • Global Economic Trends
  • US Economic Trends & Ad Spend
  • US OOH Growth
  • Growing Influence of Digital
  • Technology
  • US Consumer Behavior
  • CES Highlights

The presentation and recording is filled with data and charts to quickly convey important information on today’s advertising climate, along with helpful liner notes that provide additional detail. Here are a few examples:

Demand for Cannabis Advertising will Continue to Rise

  • 32 percent growth in cannabis retail sales in 2019
  • Adult-use recreational legal in Illinois (as of January 1)
  • Legalization on New Jersey, South Dakota and probably more ballots in 2020
  • Cannabis issues drive voters to the polls
  • Out of home has nearly half the advertising market (Kantar Media)
  • Two of three Americans say cannabis should be legalized (Pew Research Center)

Global OOH Ad Spend Growth vs. Other Traditional Media

OOH Projected to Grow Almost as Fast as Total Media in 2020

2019 Projected US Top 15 OOH Advertisers – Includes Amazon, Apple, Google
(January – November 2019)

Rise in US DOOH Share of Total OOH
(percent of total OOH revenue)

Source: MAGNA, IPG Mediabrands, Kantar Media, OAAA