Selling Out of Home…From Home!

Over the past year, we’ve all been forced to adapt to a sales landscape devoid of conferences, conference rooms and in-person sales opportunities.  Now even as we begin to emerge from the constraints of COVID, we know that we’ll still be relying on remote selling – Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx and other platforms – well into the foreseeable future.  Upstream Group CEO Doug Weaver believes that remote sales has become a permanent part of the sellers toolkit, and that those who commit early to being great “in the box” sellers will have a clear advantage.  But how do we commit and what does greatness look like?  Doug has conducted close to 150 Zoom workshops over the past year, and he’s taught hundreds of sellers both the strategy, tech tips and “hygiene” to thrive in a Zoom-driven world.  In this provocative and practical workshop hell do the same for OAAA members.  The future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.  So reserve your spot early and get a jump on your competition.  

Modified: 1 year