FOARE Scholarship Recipients Announced

OAAA and FOARE are pleased to announce the winners of the annual FOARE Scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year. Nine of the 13 selected are women. In addition, six are from underrepresented communities.

“Cultivating talent for the out of home advertising industry and supporting the OOH community have always been priorities for the foundation, so it is truly exciting to see an historic number of young people – over 400 in total – applying for a FOARE this year,” said Paul Cook, Chairman of FOARE.

“This year’s set of scholarship recipients not only demonstrates the type of diversity being attracted to the out of home sector, but it also reflects the diverse communities that OOH reaches and serves,” said Anna Bager, President and CEO, OAAA.

Recipients of the General Scholarships include:

  • Delaney Day, from Las Vegas, NV, who is entering freshman year at the Montana State University, in Bozeman, MT, and studying for a B.S. in Biological Engineering.
  • Elizabeth Duong, from Irvine, CA, who is entering her freshman year at the University of California- Irvine, in Irvine, CA, and is seeking a B.A. in Business Administration and Marketing.
  • Brianna Fratella, from Tempe, AZ, who is entering her senior year at Arizona State University, in Tempe ZA, studying for a dual B.S. in Marketing and Business Data Analytics.
  • Mia Pickett, from Seattle, WA, who is entering her freshman year at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA, studying for a B.A. in Human Biology on the Pre-Med track.

Four students have been designated to receive the Allman Family Business Development, Marketing, and Sales Scholarship. The Allman Family Scholarship, established by Don and Cathy Allman, recognizes the important link between sales, marketing, and business development. The recipients are as follow:

  • Patrick Egan, from Powder Springs, GA, who is entering his freshman year at the University of Georgia, in Athens, GA, studying for a BBA in Business and Economics.
  • Aubrey Harper, from Madison, OH, who will be seeking an MBA at Kent State University, in Kent, OH.
  • Samuel Schwartz, from New Rochelle, NY, who is entering his sophomore year at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD.
  • Sylvia Williams, from Columbia, SC, who will be studying for an M.A. in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics at Emerson College headquartered in Boston, MA.

Josephine Matalone, from Fayetteville, AR, was named the recipient of the Vern and Elaine Clark Outdoor Advertising Industry “Champion” Scholarship. The scholarship recognizes a student who demonstrates through their academic life, community activities, and career goals the skills that made Vern Clark, a long-time industry champion, successful in his efforts. After graduating with a B.A. in Economics from the University of Arkansas, Josephine is entering her first year in graduate school this fall seeking a Master of International Business and Master of Arts in Economics from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.

Christine Rose, from Downey, CA, was named the recipient of the Nancy Fletcher Leadership Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a woman with a specific connection to the OOH industry, who has demonstrated leadership qualities and skills. The scholarship recognizes the work of Nancy Fletcher, who served for 28 years as the President and CEO of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA). Christine is a graduate student studying for her MBA at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA.

Immanuel Neeley, from Las Vegas, NV, who will be entering his freshman year at the University of Nevada’s Honors College, in Las Vegas, NV, in pursuit of a B.A. in Film Studies, has been designated to receive the Joseph Zukin Jr. Educational Opportunity Scholarship. The scholarship was established in 2021 to recognize the work ethic and commitment to community engagement that were hallmarks of the life of Joseph Zukin Jr., who was inducted into the OAAA Hall of Fame in 2013.

Isaiah Baughman, from Sydney, OH, was named the recipient of the Ruth Segal Scholarship. The scholarship was established to recognize a student studying social services, political science, communications, law, or a related discipline. The scholarship is named after a long-time member of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) staff, who worked tirelessly to educate federal and state policymakers about the OOH advertising industry.

Isaiah will be entering Ohio State University, in Columbus, OH, this fall to continue his BA-level studies in political science and then pursue a law degree.

Emely Acevedo Arias, from New York (the Bronx), NY, has been designated to receive the newly named Visual Arts, Technical, and Trades Scholarship. The scholarship has been designated for a student enrolled in a visual arts, technical, or trade program. To qualify for the scholarship, a student must be pursuing a course in graphic design studies or a related field or a technical or trade program. Emely will be a senior at the Parsons School of Design at the New School in New York City studying for a BFA in Illustration.

In addition, last June two students were designated to receive the Reagan Family Scholarship

Endowment. The scholarship was established to recognize the contributions of The Reagan Foundation to the OOH advertising industry. The Endowment is intended to help groom a new generation of leaders and managers in understanding the standardized OOH advertising industry, primarily in the area of billboards. The recipients are:

  • Rhys Tucker, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, who is seeking an M.S. in Community and Regional Planning and will be entering his second year of graduate studies.
  • Tyler Torres, a student at the University of Utah, who will be entering his first year of graduate study in City and Regional Planning.

OAAA congratulates all of this year’s recipients!