DMEXCO 2020: The Future of Urbanization & How OOH Advertising Makes Cities Better

Cities continue to grow and over the past century, OOH advertising has been an important partner in the development of cityscapes and infrastructure that provides valued services to the citizenry. This session will examine and discuss how OOH advertising continues to innovate to provide new products and services for cities. The improvements include state-of-the-art amenities, technological advancements, sustainability offerings, and more. As cities evolve and transform so does OOH advertising as a medium and as a community partner. The session will explain how OOH advertising makes cities better.

Join OAAA’s Anna Bager as she moderates an important discussion about how OOH advertising makes cities better with JCDecaux CEO, Jean-Francois Decaux, Clear Channel Outdoor CEO, William Eccleshare, and OUTFRONT Media CEO, Jeremy Male.

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