What’s Next? Big Things Happening in OOH

OAAA’s fall calendar is loaded with new benefits to help you sell, manage, and promote OOH advertising.

OAAA visited the Intrepid agency in Raleigh, NC, in June, explaining OOH attributes.
OAAA visited the Intrepid agency in Raleigh, NC, in June, explaining OOH attributes.

OAAA continues to take the OOH story directly to ad agencies and planners.  OAAA’s Steve Nicklin will visit agencies in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Providence, and San Francisco.

Likewise, I will present at the Independent Billboard Operators’ Conference in St. Louis (IBOUSA, September 27-29), and my OAAA colleagues are presenting at state association meetings during the balance of the year.

OAAA Educational Webinar Series

Through the end of the year, OAAA will host a webinar series that will provide insights, resources, and tools to address common local challenges faced by billboard operators. These webinars will include presentations to:

– Boost local sales
– Improve local campaigns with better creative
– Sell mobile advertising
– Explain worker safety and maintenance
– Draft local billboard ordinances

2017 OBIE Awards Platinum Award Winner, Twitter Creativity

The Call for Entry to the 2018 OBIE Awards goes out October 1 (Twitter won the grand prize at the OBIE award ceremony in May in New Orleans). The OBIE Awards are the oldest and one of the most prestigious honors for creative excellence in advertising.

OOH Media Plan Awards

OAAA presents the OOH Media Plan Awards on November 29 in New York as part of the 10th annual Advertising Club of New York OOH Day (General Mills Totino’s won last year).


3Advertising Week, New York City

It’s tough to stand out during Advertising Week, but we will by supporting our partners at National Geographic Society.

Since May 19 – when National Geographic’s Photo Ark campaign, #SaveTogether, launched in Times Square – images of at-risk animals have appeared on 45,000 OOH displays nationwide.  The National Geographic Photo Ark is a multi-year effort to raise awareness of and find solutions to some of the most pressing issues affecting wildlife and their habitats, which is the life’s work of award-wining National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore.

On September 26, during Advertising Week, OAAA will explain how this campaign worked, providing metrics and outcomes with a presentation featuring National Geographic Society Chief Marketing Officer Emma Carrasco. Register for Advertising Week here.

Digital Signage Week

OAAA’s Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas speaks at the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) on October 30 in New York, as well as the next day on a panel at the Digital Signage Federation’s Coffee and Controversy Breakfast.

I will join industry leaders on a panel at the Daily DOOH Investors Conference on October 31 along with Kevin Gleason (Adams + Fairway Outdoor), Ari Buchalter (Intersection), and Jeremy Male (OUTFRONT Media).

The DPAA Summit (Digital Place Based Advertising Association) will occur November 1.

New Tools and Standards

In October, sales executives will welcome an updated version of OAAA’s popular app called the OOH Resource Center, featuring enhanced functionality and the latest information.

A new OAAA video explains the creative power of OOH advertising.

OAAA webinars now include presentations by suppliers and tech companies; Vistar Media, and SignValue will share their innovations via webinars early this fall.  On November 29, an OAAA webinar will explain a new federal rule affecting billboard climbers.

OAAA has developed a workshop – to premiere this fall – on Return on Investment (ROI) to explain how brands use ROI to evaluate ad campaigns.

This month, more than 400 college educators who teach advertising and marketing will receive OAAA’s updated instructional materials, an ongoing outreach supported by the Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research and Education (FOARE).

OAAA is working with DPAA, Geopath, the Digital Signage Federation (DSF), and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) on best practices for digital OOH; these standards will be completed early next year.

A growing number of cities are integrating information/communication technology to help manage traffic, law enforcement, and other local functions.  OAAA and the industry’s foundation have commissioned experts to produce a report on how the OOH medium could align with emerging “Smart Cities.”  This new study, building on the industry’s recent report on future automated driving, will be available before the end of the year.

Senator Corker visits Vincent Printing, Chattanooga, TN.


Political Outreach

The industry’s political outreach never stops.

This week, OAAA’s Ken Klein and I will meet with US Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee.  A former mayor of Chattanooga, Corker understands how the OOH industry supports the economy of his community.




Planning for Next Year

Each year, OAAA carries out a plan approved by its Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  This fall, the OAAA Executive Committee holds it planning meeting on October 3 to prepare for 2018. Key industry governance committees  (Marketing, Innovations, Creative, Legislative, Suppliers, SST, Digital Billboard, and FOARE) will meet in advance of the OAAA Board meeting on November 7 in Washington, DC.

As we plan for next year, we’d love to hear from you about your ideas, goals, and suggestions for 2018.


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