Tips for OOH Billboard Independents

Nancy Fletcher of OAAA spoke to leadership of our affiliated companies (Mile High Outdoor, Pacific Outdoor Advertising, and American Outdoor Advertising today in Phoenix (November 5, 2018).

She spoke about the future of independent billboard operators, offering encouragement and recommendations for continued growth.

Here are highlights of her message:

1.) Yes, plenty of change is coming.  But the fundamentals of a successful billboard company sustain equity and profits tomorrow:

  • An attractive, well-maintained plant supports the value of the brand/advertising message.
  • Coverage throughout a marketplace is still important.
  • Focus on customer needs and their desired results.
  • Strong creative keeps brands coming back for more and lures new ones to our medium.

2.) Consider data as a value enabler.

Data-driven comparison of all media benefits billboards, to the point of justifying greater value.

Data is driving targeting, analytics, and automated buying. The digital chief at JCDecaux North America put it this way: “Rising tides lift all boats, and in the case of OOH, data is the tide.”

Geopath is using new audience location data, consumer insights, and research methodologies to prove the value of OOH. OOH inventory is being included in data-driven platforms. Data is being used to trigger creative. For example, Target uses current weather data to change content on digital billboards.

3.) Work with OOH specialist agencies, who often keep lists of independent billboard companies.

To prepare for Nancy’s remarks, OAAA interviewed OOH specialist agencies, seeking the best advice for independent billboard companies to increase share of national business. Specialists say they want responsiveness to their specific requests and accurate location data.

Populate your inventory on sales platforms that align with your business practices, because specialists are looking to use platforms that make buying OOH easier.


  • Build strong local relationships with local business owners, managers, and franchisees.
  • Share quality market intelligence. Consider sending updates to specialists about market conditions (such as new inventory and great creative campaigns). Explain what makes your market unique.
  • Get the specialist’s org chart – deal with lieutenants; not necessarily generals.

4.) OAAA has tools to boost sales

The OOH Resource App gives you case studies and research… anywhere.

Creative examples are virtually endless; the OOH Mockup Generator shows what they look like in the field.

OAAA-sponsored research validates OOH attributes and shows how OOH enhances other media.

The OOH Media Locator features your markets and inventory to prospects.

The OOH Road Show has visited agencies in all top 50 DMA’s on your behalf.