The Opportunity for OOH is Within Programmatic Multi-Channel Campaigns

By: Erin McFadden, VIOOH

One of the key discussion topics at this year’s Digital Signage Week was the integration of programmatic OOH (prOOH) into multi-channel campaigns. This is also one of the main takeaways in VIOOH’s soon-to-be-released research paper that looks into attitudes towards prOOH.

Programmatic is increasingly being seen as an enabler to supporting both brand and performance objectives, and we’re starting to see the real shifts in prOOH being planned or bought alongside other programmatic or digital channels.

In the US, nearly nine out of ten (86%) survey respondents stated that they plan to integrate prOOH more closely into multi-channel campaigns, and it’s this increased inclusion we predict will be the key driver in the widespread adoption of prOOH globally.

At VIOOH, we believe this is where the real opportunity lies and is one of the reasons why digital planners are excited and investing in the future of prOOH – with executives expecting prOOH to feature in over half (56%) of all US campaigns in the next 18 months.

These findings are a glimpse of our most recent and upcoming research paper, State of the
Nation, which will be published at the beginning of next month. You can register for early
access here.

Modified: 2 years