OAAA Suppliers Spotlight: Circle Graphics

Tell us why Circle Graphics decided to get into the digital billboard manufacturing business.

The team at Circle Graphics is excited about our acquisition of Anthem Displays. This transaction allows us to be a one-stop visual solutions provider to our billboard company partners. For the past 20 years, we have supported our billboard company partners and provided great service, and reliable and innovative products. We are committed to doing the same with digital billboards. You will also see us bring some exciting innovations to our digital products, something we have done successfully with digital printing over the years.

Finally, we believe that American workers should manufacture the digital billboards along America’s roads.

What new product are you most excited about at Circle?

We love the potential of our new backlit product, VISEN, to bring some excitement to static boards. This is not your typical backlit product. Picture a daytime image that morphs dramatically into virtually a different image at night. This technology is enabled by bright LED backlighting and Circle’s proprietary creative design and print capabilities. You really do have to see it to believe it!

Independent Billboard Operators account for anywhere from 30-40% of the inventory after the BIG-3. What does Circle offer to this important segment of media owners?

This is definitely a competitive segment in our industry, and there are very good printing companies we compete with here.  Nevertheless, Circle “came up” through the billboard channel and we have systems and processes established for high volume, short-run jobs.

Through the long months of COVID-19 we have invested our time talking to independent operators and developing a portfolio of benefits and services wrapped around our new CG REWARDS PROGRAM. Our rewards program is similar to the frequent flyer program in the airline industry. Independents will also get a chance to earn reward points for printing when they purchase a digital display. We will roll this program out in February.

Additionally, we are excited to promote the 400 mm standard digital module product to independent operators.

In case some readers are not aware of the benefits of this standard, it enables the billboard owner to buy the aluminum cabinet once and reface the billboard with modules from any vendor when the display needs replacement. Replacement costs are reduced by at least 30%. Their inventory, should they ever sell it (especially to Lamar), is likely more attractive given they are on the industry standard.

Modified: 2 years

Published: January 27, 2021