Streaming Services Get Creative with OOH

Disney+’s massive launch campaign includes OOH across the country.

Prior to the streaming services premiere date, November 12, OOH ads on multiple static and digital formats promoted original content only to be found on Disney+. Ads for the new live action Lady and The Tramp, Star Wars the Mandolorian, and others are currently featured on billboards, buses, kiosks, and more.

“We have to provide people with the idea of how to get this kind of content. So we have launched a multi-phase, omniplatform, 360-degree marketing campaign to reach our target consumers,” said Ricky Strauss, president of content and marketing for Disney+.

Bus shelters throughout the Los Angeles market were built out to feature a 3D Disney+ logo, which lit up after sundown.

On launch day, a day-long OOH activation in New York, complete with branded glass-walled trucks, offered passersby the opportunity to test the service in person.



At the same time Disney+ was ramping up its OOH efforts, so too was competitor Netflix.

Billboards wrapped as a holiday gift popped up in major markets. The creative asked passersby not to “open until November 15,” on a gift tag signed by Netflix.

On November 15, three days after the launch of Disney+, billboard creative was changed to feature an ad for Klaus, Netflix’s first original animated film, premiering that day.


Pluto TV

Bloomberg recently reported Pluto TV, the streaming startup acquired by Viacom Inc., is using billboards and buses in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Pluto is free for consumers and relies on advertising for revenue. The company said it is using OOH to reach ad buyers in those cities.

Modified: 2 years