Paid (and Pro Bono) Public-Health Messaging

Local health authorities continue to use Covid-emergency relief funds to communicate with the public using the flexibility of out of home media.

These localized ads illustrate three important points:

  • Out of home media is part of the solution
  • Thanks to you, decision-makers heard our message about the effectiveness of out of home media
  • Out of home formats are tailor-made for localization

Click here to hear US House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina recommend out of home media for public-health messaging (speaking at the Out of Home Media Conference in May):

“I strongly urge any jurisdiction that is trying to get their message out to utilize outdoor advertising. I feel very strongly that (out of home media) will be a very efficient and effective use of our resources.”

OAAA’s Ken Klein interviews Congressman Clyburn

Thank you Hal Stevenson of Grace Outdoor, Doug McFarland of Mac Advertising, Pudge Roberts of Coastal, Scott Shockley of Lamar, R.B. Brooks of OUTFRONT Media, and Glynn Willis of Adams for your outreach to Congressman Clyburn.

When OUTFRONT Media’s public affairs advocates convened in California in early August, Lani Ferro and Lindsay Kramer of OUTFRONT Media highlighted examples of paid messages on behalf of public health, including this localized billboard creative sponsored by the City of Detroit.

Here are other examples of paid public-health messages:

Multi-lingual transit posters sponsored by New York City
Digital transit screen (New York State Department of Health)
Philadelphia billboard sponsored by an AIDS foundation


Localized campaign in Milwaukee, WI
In-car transit card, Washington, DC