My Turn: New Research Puts OOH Media Under a Microscope


On May 21, Rishad Tobaccowala speaks at the 2019 OAAA/Geopath OOH Media Conference + Expo at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas.

He will offer his analysis of a report based on personal interviews and online surveys with 50+ brands and agencies representing a variety of product categories and a broad range of OOH spend.

Marketing survey firm Original Spark conducted the interviews.

Learn more in the official OAAA press release.

Someone asked me what I’m looking forward to at the OOH Media Conference + Expo in Las Vegas next month. Plenty, because the agenda is a stacked deck.

An ace in that deck is new national advertiser research that tells us:

  • What our customers think about our medium, our products, and our people, and
  • What we can do to get more business (OOH revenue topped $8 billion nationwide in 2018, a record)

This new research will be discussed by Rishad Tobaccowala, chief growth officer of Publicis Groupe. Rishad is brilliant. I think of him as the Malcolm Gladwell of advertising. Like Malcolm, he can translate complex trends into meaningful insights for future success.

Since the report is so timely and relevant to the OOH industry’s outlook, I’ll share a brief preview today and encourage you to come to Las Vegas to hear his full presentation. This powerful new research is authoritative (without varnish) and actionable. Here’s why:

OOH Challenges

Brands and agencies think OOH sales representatives focus too much on product, location, and price.

This approach can reinforce advertisers’ belief that OOH is a tactical buy rather than part of a larger long-term strategy.

Those surveyed did not always see OOH media as primary to their marketing mix. And, they said OOH products should be easier to buy and measure than they are today.

OOH Strengths

Agencies and brands affirmed OOH products are as relevant as ever, enhance other media, can extend social media, and are a great way to launch new products.

“OOH is the cool kid again,” summed up one respondent.

To accelerate growth, the OOH industry should build on established and new strengths.

The report recommends these three steps, in combination:

  • OOH media companies should provide more transparent, relevant analytics about consumers, which will expand OOH’s appeal to a broader range of brand campaigns.
  • Providing consumer stories + metrics will equal more captivating presentations. In other words, we should better explain how OOH intersects with consumer lifestyles.
  • Greater adoption of unified standards and practices will elevate the OOH industry. For example, the way the industry is working cooperatively to roll out programmatic buying (another major focus of this year’s OOH Media Conference + Expo).

I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas next month. With you, I’ll be in the audience learning more from Rishad Tobaccowala and an all-star lineup of other presenters who will translate our complex, changing world into useful takeaways that can help our industry thrive.

I also plan to attend the workshop on May 21 that will break down this research, amplifying Rishad’s main-stage presentation. Download the schedule of all 12 highly-instructive workshops.

During my tenure, I’ve seen plenty of OOH programs and conferences. I know the upcoming gathering will be extraordinary in a number of ways, especially because of the pertinent, meaningful information we’ll receive from Rishad Tobaccowala and other thought leaders.

You can discover all that’s happening at this year’s OOH Media Conference + Expo by visiting

Registrations are pacing well ahead of previous years, and the Aria Resort is selling out. I urge you to reserve your place soon. Don’t wait.

With so much to offer…Don’t Let it Stay in Vegas!

As always, I appreciate hearing from you. Feel free to reach me at [email protected] or call OAAA at (202) 833-5566.

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