OAAA’s Report from the 10th Annual OOH Day

For 10 years the Ad Club of New York has held an annual OOH Day. This year’s OOH:NOW event, a celebration of its 10th anniversary, was an impressive display of the innovative ways OOH has developed over the past decade.

Avi Javetz of AOL/Verizon’s Oath shared plans to launch street-level interactive digital kiosks in 2018 in the Austin, TX, and New Rochelle, NY, markets. The kiosks are designed to address the challenges presented by rapid urbanization by allowing cities to connect, protect, engage and inform. The mobile location data collected by the kiosks provide insights for the cities, but also for advertisers through data aggregation and intelligence such as:

  • Who has passed the kiosk and at what time
  • Where they came from and where they go next, including store visits

This data will enable advertisers to take even greater control of their OOH impressions by delivering highly-targeted messages, and to allow them better post-buy analysis about campaign effectiveness.

Location was the topic for the first expert panel and included representatives from Waze, Cuebiq, Vistar, Captivate, and Intersection. With the rapidly increasing use of location data being applied to target consumers, the panel agreed the path to even greater growth must include standards, such as accuracy and precision. Campaign examples, like 24-Hour Fitness, leveraged location data to produce impressive increases in KPIs for the advertisers. A key component for success in maximizing the promise of location data is flexibility on the part of the advertiser.

Several highly successful case studies were presented including:

Schlotzsky’s – this multi-media campaign of OOH, print, and radio produced a 148 percent lift in store visitation, and 35 percent of the consumers exposed visited the stores within one day. Faced with smaller budgets than many competitors, Schlotzsky’s was confident they could “own” the OOH channel to amplify other media investments.

Make Space – a painless offering for offsite storage, the company picks up items from the consumer’s house and photographs them at the storage facility so consumers have a complete inventory. Make Space used OOH to drive brand awareness and consumer conversions through innovative creative, like an all-white installation in subway car interiors with the simple message, “Make Space Was Here”.

Fox Sports – the flexibility and immediacy of digital OOH was a must for Fox Sports because of the need to promote six different brands: three Atlanta sports teams, Fox Sports, Fox Sports South, and the Fox Sports mobile app. Digital OOH was an efficient choice to carry the budget further, and lead to impressive campaign results like 5.1 million mobile impressions, 21,000 mobile engagements, a 740 percent increase in click-through rates, and a 20 percent increase in audience tune-in.

Casper – a disruptor in the mattress category, Casper used OOH initially to launch its brand and drive awareness. The results were so positive Casper now uses OOH for acquisition. The measurement tools they use to determine the efficacy of OOH and other media channels are: promotional code redemptions, online/mobile sessions uplift, and pre/post campaign research brand studies and online panels, plus post-purchase questionnaires including “how did you hear about us?”

Creativity was the final panel of the day and included creative leads from Barkley, BBDO, McKinney NY, and UniWorld Group. The panelists were in broad agreement on why they love OOH – the simplicity and pureness it offers, its ability to be real in consumers’ lives, and how it demands excellence with the need for brevity. They also discussed challenges within the industry, such as consumer targeting and its history as a one-way communication method, but all noted how digital OOH and mobile devices have rapidly changed this paradigm. They shared a number of their favorite OOH campaigns including Russell Athletic’s “Settle Your Score”, Bacardi’s interactive reflective paint bat, Reebok’s Zpump race contest, and Ford Fusions dynamic digital OOH campaign targeting four competitive brands in Atlanta.

OAAA released results from its most recent study spotlighting OOH’s ability to drive online activity.

OAAA also presented the 2017 OOH Media Plan Awards.

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