Movie-Award Season Spotlights OOH’s Connection to Communities

From Sacramento, CA, to small-town Sylva, NC, out of home (OOH) public service messages showcase the medium’s connection to communities.  As Hollywood gears up for the Academy Award show on March 4, OOH displays generate buzz and publicity.

Lady Bird in Sacramento

In California, Marquee Media used its digital billboards for a double salute to hometown Sacramento.  Its messages congratulated the award-winning film Lady Bird and director Greta Gerwig, who is from Sacramento and shot the movie there.

Lady Bird won two Golden Globes and five Oscar nominations, earning timely shout-outs on Marquee’s billboards.

“This is our love letter to Greta,” said Jeff Joaquin, Marquee Media. “We were touched by her Golden Globe speech and her thanks to Sacramento.”

Media coverage was robust:

  • The Sacramento Bee newspaper
  • Multiple spots on local ABC and NBC affiliates
  • Exploding social media (news organizations, movie fans, and the film retweeted to 12,500 followers)

Friends of the Gerwig family thanked Marquee for its community service.

“While we haven’t heard directly from Greta,” said Joaquin, “in an interview she said she started crying when she saw pictures of the billboards.”

Three Billboards movie

News sites in North Carolina (Asheville Citizen Times, The News & Observer) and beyond have featured billboards cheering the award-winning film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.  It won four Golden Globes, three SAG (Screen Actors Guild) awards, and seven Oscar nominations.

Again, the OOH messages generated social media.

Multiple OAAA member companies are touting the Three Billboards movie, from Sylvia, NC – where the movie was filmed – to Times Square.

St. Louis, MO

To participate, please contact Nicole Randall at [email protected] for digital billboard creative.