OOH Quenches the Thirst of Millions on TikTok

How did the Diageo brand, Loyal 9, get over 1.9 million views and over 250,000 “likes” on TikTok? Well, Johnny Drinks, a major TikTok influencer, saw a classic do it outdoors mobile billboard rolling near the Jersey Shore, and the rest is history. We’ve known the power of OOH and how it amplifies social media, but this scenario epitomizes how a totally organic incident of an influencer seeing a mobile billboard can influence social media and create a powerful impact for the Loyal 9 brand.

Sure, Mobile Billboards provide OOH’s best curbside real estate and are rated by Nielsen as the #1 above the ground format for recall and awareness. But, you can’t forget that Shadowfencing (a customized technology that serves display ads in real-time based on proximity) generates Click-Through Rates (CTRs) that far surpass typical digital campaigns. That integrated strategy is exactly what inspired Johnny Drinks to do a taste test of the Loyal 9 Canned Cocktails! The combination of mobile billboards and Johnny Drinks demonstrates true engagement, amplification, and the beauty of earned media that OOH advertising can drive on social media and other channels.

“True earned media can easily be accomplished through strategic OOH”, says Celina Welbers of Omnicom Media Group. “For a brand like Loyal 9, it took an eye-catching creative on a dominant media format to expose millions of consumers to their canned cocktail beverage.” OOH, in fact, does make all other media channels work harder!

The content creation team of Johnny Drinks is followed by millions of fans across all social media platforms. The father and son influencers have touched a broad and loyal audience. Referred by many as authentic and refreshing creators, their family shares fundamental life skills with traditional values. From creative cocktails to lifestyle tips, their interactive videos, podcasts and vlogs have sky rocketed in popularity.

Johnny Drinks began pre pandemic in February 2020.  Shortly after their first content post, it was clear a brand had been established.   To date, this creator team works to deliver a consistent and relevant message.  They have fun while sharing insightful, and often times educational videos. Their “How to” Segments are embraced by millions that otherwise have no insight from others. Some of the more popular segments include – How to shine shoes, How to make a bed or make a tie!

do it outdoors, celebrating their 25th anniversary, owns and operates the nation’s largest mobile billboard company and has created millions and millions of impressions for every category of product while providing an opportunity for brands to hyper local target as well as dominate any market. The mobile billboard leader has capitalized on their Shadowfencing technology that provides a true OOH strategy vs simply a tactic or format while engaging consumers.