OOH Industry Salutes Robert Campbell of Lamar

The “A” is for Alabama . . . and (effective) advocate.

On May 12, industry peers and competitors saluted Lamar Regional Manager Robert Campbell’s long, productive career. He retires effective June 30. Campbell joined Lamar Advertising in 1972 as a posting manager in Mobile, AL.

Colleagues and friends said Campbell’s leadership at Lamar and the industry is highlighted by multiple achievements to advance out of home media; they said Robert Campbell: 

  •  Changed laws and strengthened the industry’s regulatory position  
  • Recruited and developed talent 
  • Spoke with clarity (favoring blunt language over buzz words) 
  • Supported Alabama football in a company loaded with alums from ‘Bama’s rivals 

For two decades, Campbell served on the Legislative Committee of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, OAAA. The Legislative Committee honored Campbell via Zoom call on May 12. 

Committee Chairman Steve Richards (Mile High Outdoor and Pacific Outdoor) presented Campbell with a tribute from US Senator Richard Shelby, R-AL, that was published in the Congressional Record. 

“Robert is an effective legislative advocate and I appreciate his hard work throughout the years,” said the senator, a longtime billboard customer in Alabama. “Further, Robert is a longtime supporter of the University of Alabama and its football program. His enthusiasm for Alabama is unwavering, even though the corporate headquarters of his Company is based in Baton Rouge.” 

One of Campbell’s achievements was to help strengthen state laws to protect billboards from government removal without just compensation (“amortization). In their salute to Campbell on May 12, his colleagues recalled at 2004 OAAA newsletter report about a long-sought legislative victory in North Carolina, which quoted Campbell: 

“We just kept coming back and finding solutions,” Campbell said in 2004. “It would have been easy to give up, but persistence paid off.” 

In 2007, Campbell was inducted into the OAAA Hall of Fame.

Jim McIlwain, Lamar’s general counsel, 
praised Campbell’s loyalty to Lamar and the industry, adding a personal recollection:  I have been with Robert when he visits his plants and he always made a point to speak with the employees no matter whether they were in the back shop or in the office. He made them feel important in their job.