Get Local with ‘Get Out of Home’

In the last quarter of 2018, the industry has seen a lot of buzz around OOH’s flexibility, esteem, and cool-factor. Tech brands, start-ups, and other major advertisers have demonstrated the medium’s value in the last few months, and the media reports about OOH’s ‘renaissance’ have been plentiful.

The Wall Street Journal: “The Surprising Power of Old-School Billboards in Driving Sales”

The Hustle: “Why You Should Buy a Billboard”

AXIOS: “OOH: The Only Growing Non-Digital Ad Medium”

“The ad world is using OOH exactly as it should,” said OAAA’s Nancy Fletcher. “Brands are buying it, and they are seeing success. They get it, just as the industry’s ‘Get Out of Home’ campaign intended.”

Get Out of Home and Get Local

To encourage regional brands and small businesses to follow suit and fully embrace OOH’s potential, the Get Out of Home campaign is being localized. Using the tools OAAA provided to members, customized campaigns are taking place in local markets.

Lamar Advertising Company is using digital billboards to highlight local clients. Regional account executives have offered free digital billboard space to feature client names, along with a photo and testimonial about the effectiveness of OOH.

Lamar’s Chief Marketing Officer Tommy Teepell expects the campaign will make clients local celebrities. “When your face is featured on a billboard in a local community, you get recognized,” said Teepell. “Boosting our client’s fame will reinforce the power of OOH to our customers.”

Lamar plans to continue its local Get Out of Home campaign through January 2019.

Get Involved with Get Out of Home

OAAA members are encouraged to continue local Get Out of Home efforts into next year. Many resources and assets are available to assist in adapting this campaign for local markets.

A campaign “toolkit” is available offering creative files to download and customize. Talking points and campaign facts sheets help sales teams appropriately discuss the relevancy of the campaign, and a style guide ensures the industry is well informed about how best to use campaign assets.

Be sure to share your ideas and photos using #GetOutofHome.