Influencing Current and Future Decision-Makers to ‘Get Out of Home’

TM Advertising in Dallas, TX
TM Advertising in Dallas, TX

Data has never been more important to marketers. Advertisers today demand data analysis, tech convergence, and a presence in the digital world. The OOH industry’s promotional campaign Get Out of Home, currently live on tens of thousands of OOH faces across the country, spotlights OOH’s relationship with digital media, touting its ability to amplify media plans.

OAAA’s OOH Road Show, which highlights the competitive capabilities of OOH in today’s challenging advertising marketplace, details the comprehensive resources available to media professionals when navigating the dynamic OOH landscape. On the road, OAAA explains to current and future media decision-makers why they should get OOH.

In total, the OOH Road Show has traveled to all top 50 DMAs in the US. Representatives from more than 500 agencies and brands and over 2,000 agency and brand professionals, primarily media planners, have participated.

The road show has also been shared directly with a dozen top brands including Amazon, Brown-Forman, Caesars Entertainment, Constellation Brands, Disney, Fidelity, Husqvarna, Kenneth Cole, Macy’s, Nestle Purina, P&G, and Prudential.

OAAA hears from agencies they are often charged to do more with less, so outreach programs like the OOH Road Show are a welcome, engaging experience to stay up to date on OOH trends. Agencies have mentioned other media associations don’t offer similar outreach programs, so OOH is uniquely positioned through OAAA’s delivery of this free educational resource.

OOH features and benefits that best resonate with agencies are:

  • The amplification power of OOH when added to a media plan
  • OOH’s particular ability to amplify digital online investments by driving online activation, especially with mobile consumers
  • OOH’s growing digital offerings that provide more flexible and immediate messaging
  • OOH’s immunity to the audience fragmentation of competing content-based media

Specific OOH research proof points of top interest to the agencies include:

  • OOH produces strong ROI competitive with TV, and outperforming radio, print and banner ads. OOH boosts the ROI of digital search by an impressive 40% and print by 14%.
  • OOH drives online activation more efficiently than TV, print, radio and banner ads.
  • OOH offers great value by generating some of the highest levels of ad recall at some of the lowest CPMs.
  • A majority of consumers think posters stand out better than print, radio, and online ads (including mobile).

In 2016, the OOH Road Show was expanded to include local OOH media company members. Since then, OAAA has visited over 100 offices and met with more than 1,000 OOH professionals. While those who provide OOH ad space already get OOH, the road show provides them with fresh examples and research to push the medium’s most exciting features and benefits.

OAAA’s ongoing efforts to broaden awareness and use of OOH includes presentations to state OOH associations, local advertising federations, and colleges and universities. The OOH Road Show has visited associations in the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and Puerto Rico.

Kinetic wins the Media Plan of the Year in New York
Kinetic wins the Media Plan of the Year in New York

OAAA maintains an annual presence at the Ad Club of New York’s OOH Day, and it’s also the stage for the OOH Media Plan Awards, which honor successful, comprehensive media plans that truly get OOH capabilities. Advertising Week in New York is a regular platform for OAAA and OOH media company leaders and has served as the launch pad for OOH industry campaigns in 2015 and 2018, including Get Out of Home. On a local level, the Midwest and the Carolinas American Advertising Federation chapters incorporated the OOH road show in their meetings.

OAAA has a long-established commitment in developing OOH knowledge at the college level, and to influence career decision-making. The OOH college curriculum is frequently updated and sent to hundreds of schools across the US. The three-deck module, Creatively Impactful, Contextually Relevant and Media Amplifier, is available on the OAAA website for anyone to reference and utilize. The OOH Road Show has made stops at the Ohio State University and the University of Nevada. Many students don’t get OOH prior to the presentation; they get it afterward.

The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH
The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH

To ensure all marketers, whether they are new to the industry or media veterans, get OOH today, tell OAAA if you know where and whom the OOH Road Show should visit, including local ad federations and universities. Please reach out to [email protected] or 202-833-5566.

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