How Brands are Transforming Digital OOH to Remain Relevant During the Crisis

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the world and has caused society to create a new normal. Industries all over the world have had to change their typical course of action in order to adjust to this new social and economic climate. While I am aware of the many industries affected by the pandemic, I have been able to watch first-hand how the advertising industry has been transforming during this crisis. As advertisements often reflect society, the quick change of social expectations has caused a reaction in advertising.

While many advertising campaigns have been cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic, several companies have utilized new advertising campaigns in order to combat the effects of COVID-19. Several health organizations such as the American Red Cross and the CDC have started using OOH advertising to raise awareness. Although it could be left to health organizations, many other companies have stepped up to the plate to do their part in raising awareness.  The public is watching how companies react during this time and using advertising to raise awareness is not only a generous public service but also an incredibly smart business move. At a time so unprecedented, companies are having to navigate how to stay relevant while not coming across as insensitive and while they are not as in demand or are inoperative during this time.  There are a handful of companies that have stood out to me through their advertising during these uncertain times. 

Choctaw Casino & Resort

Casinos were among the first businesses to be closed in order to slow the spread of the virus. Choctaw could have easily decided to stop advertising until the pandemic is over, but instead used their unique platform as a casino to help inform people to stay inside.

Louisiana State University (Athletics)

Even though sporting events have been postponed, LSU helped inform people to stay inside with their influential coaches; including this years’ National Champion & Coach of the Year, Coach “O”.

Giant Eagle

We all know nurses/doctors are HEROES during this pandemic but we can’t forget about our grocery stores who are another vital part of this recovery.  This grocery chain is spreading a hyperlocal message of LOVE!

Dunkin/Grub Hub

QSR and delivery services are thriving during these uncertain times and this simple message reminds donut lovers “We’ve Got Your Back.”


If this virus has taught us one thing we should be more compassionate and just overall good humans.  UPS is taking it’s overwhelming positive messages that people are leaving at the doors to #ThanksForDelivering from social media to Digital OOH.

When companies do good for society, it creates a positive brand association and I have no doubt that all the companies raising awareness during this crisis are receiving that recognition. But more importantly these companies are lending a hand when it is so important for the world to work together. Advertisements are often meant to stand out and promote individual messages but during this crisis I am watching as the world forms one goal and advertisements are reflecting that.

Modified: 2 years