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FOARE continues to do good work for the out of home advertising (OOH) industry with a focus on the future. Since FOARE was founded, nearly $4 million has been contributed for research and education activities. But we need your financial support to ensure the foundation’s goals are achieved.

A record number of eighteen scholarships were awarded this past scholastic year in the amount of $5,000 each and many scholarship recipients were students with industry connections. FOARE has undertaken groundbreaking research in the past including studies on digital billboards and changeable message traffic safety. FOARE has also funded important marketing research over the years. Most recently, media mix modeling research and a national Nielsen research study measuring OOH advertising impact on consumers. FOARE this year funded academic research that identified key attribution benchmarks. Another recent study conducted by Harris Polls identified consumer shopping patterns.

Other FOARE funding has included support for the “Photo Ark” campaign, which was promoted in conjunction with National Geographic and “Art Everywhere” in partnership with five world-class museums. The foundation has made significant funding commitments to OAAA’s positioning projects and rebranding initiatives over the years, as well as funding important industry promotional ad campaigns. OOH course materials for college marketing and advertising programs have been delivered to over 25,000 US colleges and universities; and, materials about the OOH industry have been provided to top textbook publishers.

Giving to FOARE enables you to help plan for and secure the industry’s future. FOARE is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit, charitable organization. Contributing to FOARE provides an IRS tax-deductible benefit.

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