Five OOH Advertising Trends

It is no secret that digital out of home (DOOH) advertising is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing, technically advanced, and most interactive advertising formats out there right now.

When it is done correctly and thoughtfully, the public accepts digital DOOH more so than other media formats due to the positive changes and advancements in this exciting format. It also becomes more than a selling tool for our clients – it becomes something much larger and more impactful.

The major concern with most digital formats arises when an audience is able to block or avoid certain advertisements by shutting them off and the ability for media companies to fraudulently account for proof of completion. Because of this, the word “digital” naturally brings concern to potential advertisers; however, with DOOH, ad-blocking is not a concern for our digital signage as it cannot be blocked or turned off, unlike online and mobile formats. Real people are seeing our ads and formats.

Additionally, OOH advertising provides an element of brand safety as it eliminates the risk of crisis by association. Broadcasting company content on social platforms risks the chance of having ads placed next to problematic content, such as an ISIS recruitment page. Most often, digital programmatic can’t filter for this. However, in OOH there is no risk because the brand knows exactly where ads will appear and often make the site selections.

With powerful software and innovative technology, combined with creativity and intuition, DOOH, alongside our traditional OOH formats, has become quite a force to be reckoned with, and we are thrilled to continue to see growth and advancement in our medium.

Not only is DOOH predicted to see even more growth year after year, here are a few trends to keep an eye out for in the coming year:

1. Data-Driven Campaigns

By integrating real-time data feeds into digital displays, our clients will be able to produce a very clear picture and snapshot of the “now” for target audiences. Innovation is the name of the marketing game these days, and DOOH does just that.

With the smart and thoughtful use of data and technology, in addition to a general market campaign, a client can create a truly powerful and unique experience for their target audience. OOH advertising is THE top medium to create the lasting connection and visibility that an audience needs to take action at point of purchase.

2. Experience, Experience, Experience

Too many companies are making the mistake of not incorporating OOH into their marketing mix.  In today’s on-the-go environment, OOH caters to the “right-here-right-now” consumer and delivers exquisite visuals that maximize exposure and brand connection through direct experience and customer contact. 

Consumers are increasingly on the go, and while on the go they are seeing various types of placements and advertising as they go about their daily routines. Reaching an audience at the bus stop, at the intersection, in a taxi, or during the commute has a great impact on the modern consumer – especially when paired with mobile advertising. These various touch points allow for your potential customer to see you while outside of the home and actually experience your brand through increasing engagement from a mobile device in real time.

3. Beacons

In simpler terms, beacons are real-world data generators that are insanely accurate. With them, you can turn your locations into signals, which help you pin point your specific audience and market to them directly. This innovation allows the world of mobile and OOH to further connect in the coming year to ensure your message is delivered to the right audience, in the right area, at the right time.

4. Brand Building the RIGHT Way

OOH advertising is the catalyst for brand building. An advertiser can segment its audience into multicultural audiences, general market audiences, teens, etc. By taking advantage our new technology and measurement platforms, we are now able to analyze this brand data and allow our customers to build their brand with not just any audience, but the right audience. This long term and “always on” strategy is one that allows brands to be and feel as though they are everywhere to the targeted segment in the desired market. This is because OOH reaches almost the entire population and is the best mechanism for bright, in-your-face messages. 

5. Action

OOH advertising is a tried and true method in initiating audiences to take action. Over three-quarters of Americans have been noted as smartphone owners, which is an enormous amount of potential customers ready to interact and engage with brands at the tip of their fingers.

A recent Nielsen study states that OOH generates more online activity per ad dollar spent when compared to radio, television, or print. Because of OOH exposure, consumers interact with brands via social media.

Because we are always turned on and on the go, OOH’s unsurpassed ability to bridge the gap between audience and brand will ultimately drive action from consumers.


Modified: 2 years