FENDI Creates Global OOH Brand Runway

FENDI has now owned the skyline of major cities across the globe, turning their premium OOH investment into a brand runway – a place where boldness has genius, power and magic in it. 
In using their signature color to “paint” OOH displays from Times Square to Shanghai, they staked their claim in golden yellow— Pantone #cb8e16 to be exact (79.61% red, 55.69% green and 8.63% blue). The outcome was epic in scale, dramatic, unequivocal, and frankly, fearless.

The above notwithstanding, it’s been argued that this campaign lacked a concept, that’s it’s merely a repetition of color and logo, with “no message” and void of a big idea.I  propose a different a different point of view:  I believe this campaign is so very simple for a reason. In fact, it’s highly astute, even shrewd, and perhaps ruthless in its awareness. 

What it says is “I exist, I am here, and I have arrived.” It is 100% confident, singular and without compromise. Beyond the manifestation of a bag, a dress or a pair of shoes – isn’t that what we are really buying when we invest in high fashion?

Modified: 2 years