Facebook: Combine OOH with Facebook Ads

Facebook published a new report that found adding a combination of OOH and Facebook advertising to a media mix can help campaigns reach broader, younger audiences. The report focuses on campaigns in Europe.

According to Facebook:

“With the widespread use of smartphones, the high visibility of out of home goes hand in hand with actions on digital channels such as social media. For example, nearly 4 in 10 adults surveyed (38%) in the US say they have visited a Facebook Page or posted on Facebook after seeing an OOH ad, and 25% have posted to Instagram.”

We partnered with Kantar and Accenture to see how Facebook and OOH work together as part of a media mix. Through the research, we found that using a combination of the two channels extends the reach of campaigns to a broader and younger audience and helps advertisers more efficiently reach their objectives.

Facebook examined the specific results of a recent Facebook/OOH campaign run by Danone, which sought to reach new buyers for its French organic yoghurt. Danone used TV, OOH and Facebook ads for its campaign.

“When comparing different approaches, using both Facebook and OOH ads worked best – with the combined impact proving to be 13% more efficient than expected.”

The study also found Facebook and OOH advertising are particularly effective in driving new product awareness and consideration with younger audiences.

According to the report, “Gen Zers and Millennials in Europe are more than twice as likely to say Facebook platforms help them discover new food and beverage products compared with the average population. The survey also found that Facebook and OOH ads have a much greater likelihood of reaching these younger audiences compared with television ads and print ads.”

In addition to influencing consideration, Facebook and OOH also have a strong impact on buying.

The report finds, “Gen Zers and Millennials in Europe are significantly more likely to say Facebook and OOH help them make food and beverage purchasing decisions compared with the general population, and they are also more likely to be influenced by these channels compared with print and television.”

Facebook concludes, “Combining OOH and Facebook ads can help influence younger consumers and reach niche target markets, such as light TV viewers.”

Read the full report at Facebook IQ.