Digital Signage Week – Two Key Takeaways From Vistar Media

By: Leslie Lee, Vistar Media

Digital Signage Week was a reminder that what makes our industry great ultimately is the people involved, and the genuine connections that can be built over the course of conducting business. 

In the midst of all the tentative handshakes and hugs, two key themes came across loud and clear.

Proof is required

Brands that haven’t yet heavily invested in OOH are unwilling to do so unless we can prove they are reaching their specific target audiences and driving bottom-line results. Broad reach strategies and delivery metrics won’t cut it to unlock new large-scale brand budgets. First-party data for targeting, exposure-based measurement and tying to sales lift and online conversion metrics will be required for our industry’s next phase of growth. 

Omnichannel platforms are here to play and are changing the game

Heavyweight digital platforms such as Yahoo and The Trade Desk (both Vistar partners) were visibly present at all events during the week, and are pushing our industry to solve some of the technical issues we have put off in the past. Reducing the barrier to entry for non-OOH buyers needs to be a core focus of all media owners and platforms in order to transform the omnichannel interest into real revenue. 

Modified: 2 years