The OOH Creative Testing Tool 2.0 is Live

The OOH Creative Testing Tool, launched in May 2013, is one of the most popular resources available to OAAA members. Now, nearing its four-year anniversary, the tool has been accessed more than 30,000 times. To celebrate, OAAA is launching the OOH Creative Testing Tool 2.0.

The tool was originally designed for users to upload a single piece of creative and view it live on a rendering of the selected OOH format. Users could visualize what creative would look like along a road on a billboard, bus shelter, wall, or other common OOH formats. And, using the distance slider, the user could envision how the creative appears to the consumer from hundreds of feet away to up close.

2.0 offers so much more. While users can still view creative on OOH formats and adjust the distance, formats and scene options have more than doubled. Now, 35 formats are available in multiple environmental views for a total of 80 different combinations. New formats such as digital billboards, subway posters and dioramas, train car cards, airport screens, mall kiosks, and more can carry multiple images and rotate through to allow users to visualize content on digital screens.

The enhanced tool has been updated with the new OAAA branding so clients recognize the tool’s legitimacy. The homepage has also been redesigned for a  better user-friendly experience, more prominently displaying the login option, as well as an option for those who may not have an account with OAAA. The OOH Creative Testing Tool is open to the public, but all users must register an email address with OAAA.

Another handy new feature is the drag-and-drop option for uploading images. Rather than search through file folders via the tool, users can now simply drag image files directly into the tool.

The same favorite features from the previous version of the tool are still available, as well. Users can share renderings on social media and email approval or proposals links to colleagues and clients.

In analyzing user data from the last three years, OAAA has found just over half of visitors to the tool are new each month. While this means more and more advertising and media professionals are made aware of and trying the tool each month, we also know that users are returning to create and share new projects.

The new OOH Creative Testing Tool 2.0 is live and available to access through Tutorials are available, and OAAA staff can assist with any support needs or questions.

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Modified: 2 years