Creative Key in Leveraging OOH’s Power in Driving Online Activation

An OAAA Sales Tip

Great creative is an important and obvious element for achieving results for any advertiser in any medium. However, recent ROI research emphasizes just how important it can be. Sequent Partners found as much as 70 percent of ROI is attributable to creative quality.

The importance of creativity relates to all five levels of the consumer purchase funnel, including driving actions at the bottom of the funnel such as search.

New OOH ROI and media mix analysis from Benchmarketing reports search produces the highest ROI of any media channel due to its primary place at the bottom of the purchase funnel. However, the report also details the strong ROI value produced by OOH, and how it can increase the effectiveness of search ROI by over 40 percent, a tremendously powerful combination.

According to the new OOH online activation survey from Nielsen, OOH is the most efficient ad medium in driving online activity.

An online mattress company, Tuft and Needle (T&N), recently launched a series of billboards to peak the attention of viewers. The memory foam mattresses company, best known for its online ordering and boxed shipping methods, posted messaging in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Francisco that stated, “Mattress stores are greedy,” implying that most people feel cheated after buying a mattress from a brick and mortar store.

According to T&N’s head of public relations, Brooke Medansky, the company created its newest eye-catching billboards, knowing that people could relate to its message. The assumption is that most people feel cheated after buying a mattress from a brick and mortar store.

Sales and after-purchase surveys show that the billboards are being noticed in the Queen City. Medansky said, “In a city like Charlotte, where we do billboards only, we can see there is a spike in purchases.”

Activations from OOH past six monthsNielsen’s Online Activation Study reports OOH media continues to deliver more online activity per dollar spent compared to television, radio, and print.

Nearly 5 in 10 US residents age 18 or older, or 46 percent, have used Google, Bing, Yahoo, or another internet search engine to look up information after seeing an OOH advertisement on a billboard, bus shelter, or other format throughout the past six months.

T&N’s use of billboards to amplify online sales is an excellent case study of the power of OOH.

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Modified: 2 years

Published: June 26, 2017