OOH Advocacy… With Breadth and Depth

Humorist Edgar Nye introduced the phrase, “A mile wide and an inch deep,” referring to the Platte River.

Like a river, OAAA is nonstop. But, unlike Nye’s Platte River, OAAA has breadth and depth, serving as your advocate, standards-setter, the definitive source for facts and statistics, and the voice of a united OOH industry.

I’m often asked about the “typical day” at OAAA (there’s no such thing). On any day, OAAA might be lobbying Congress, promoting strengths of the medium, helping members sell and advocate, launching public service, or sharing your achievements with the world.

Take a look at the 24-hour period starting November 29:

  • At the Advertising Club of New York – for the 10th year – OAAA presented the latest OOH Media Plan Awards, with top honors to Sony Pictures for The Emoji Movie campaign. At that event, OAAA unveiled new Nielsen research proving OOH activates online behavior, generating press buzz and more downloads than any OAAA report in 2017
  • Afterwards, OAAA’s Steve Nicklin would traverse Manhattan to the impressive new headquarters of Intersection, discussing the latest OOH research with the company’s engaged marketing team. That was Steve’s 20th marketing presentation at an OAAA-member company this year, in addition to his 75 agency visits.
  • In Tennessee, leaders of the state association signed authorization for a friend-of-the-court brief, part of OAAA’s plan to protect industry property rights in federal court. On that day OAAA attorney Kerry Yoakum was in Madison, WI, planning legal-legislative strategies with the state association.
  • In Los Angeles, movie buff and Billups CCO Rick Robinson bought a ticket to see the award-winning film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Rick and OAAA are preparing to showcase the power of posters as this film heads into Oscar season.
  • From Pocatello, ID, a general manager reported that OAAA materials helped stop a billboard ban that was threatening his business.
  • At OAAA’s office in Washington, DC, Myron Laible hosted a no-fee webinar on worker safety, featuring experts from Formetco, Lamar Advertising Company, and Meadow Outdoor Advertising. It was one of 25 OAAA webinars presented in 2017 for the enrichment of members.
  • And, also on November 29, the chairman of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee published a tribute to OAAA’s 10-year partnership with the FBI in the Congressional Record, part of the permanent history of our nation.

This 24-hour snapshot, reflecting our shared passion for OOH, introduces OAAA’s 2017 Annual Report. Please read the full OAAA 2017 Annual Report to learn about the full-year accomplishments of your trade association.

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