Advice from OOH Specialist Agencies for Independent Billboard Operators

On November 5 I joined executives and staff at Mile High Outdoor, Pacific Outdoor, and American Outdoor for their company meeting. There we discussed the current OOH industry and I presented on “The Future of OOH.”

To prepare for the presentation, OAAA interviewed OOH specialist agencies regarding best advice for independent billboard operators to gain more national/regional business.

I pass along these insights to all OAAA members as you plan for business in 2019.

OOH Specialist Agency Leaders Explain:

  • The buyer’s responsibility is to produce the best delivery for any RFP.
  • The best delivery of the RFP should include consideration of all OOH media companies, large and small, in a market that is part of the media plan; in fact, many specialists keep an “Indy” list.
  • Specialists are looking for precision, speed, relevance, and topline (snackable) information.
    • Their resources are stretched.
    • They work with lots of “vendors.”
    • They can’t possibly read a “book” from everyone.

OOH Specialist Agency Leaders Recommend:

  • Number #1 most important: Be responsive to the specific request from the agency.
  • Don’t forget the fundamentals, such as accurate location data or sales kits with great photos.
  • Include your inventory in the platforms that make sense for you, because the specialist buying process is becoming more automated all the time.
  • Be part of Geopath, because the Geopath Insights Tool allows agency members to build audiences in local markets.
  • Build good relationships with local franchisees, because client referrals are important.
  • Provide quality market intelligence, because there are fewer OOH market specialists on the agency side, and they are doing fewer market rides.
  • Explain what makes your market unique and of value to a brand, for instance, local events during the year.
  • Consider sending quarterly updates to solve problems and inform specialists about your company’s offerings, such as:
    • Market conditions (Interstate 15 is sold out; but Route 1 is a good alternative),
    • Current competitive information (a new competitive restaurant chain has entered the market), and
    • Outstanding recent creative campaigns.
  • Ask the agencies for organizational charts, and focus on working with the lieutenants (who deal with your market); not necessarily the generals.

Should you have questions about these tips and insights, please reach out to me or Steve Nicklin at OAAA, who has visited hundreds of agencies in the last few years through the OOH Road Show. Contact me at [email protected] or Steve at [email protected].

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