Across the Desk with T-Mobile’s Cherian Thomas

Every month, OAAA’s editorial team sits down with an industry leader to discuss the latest insights, trends, and best practices for the OOH industry. This month, we sat down with Cherian Thomas, Head of Marketing &* GTM at T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, who discussed what excites him about OOH right now, his growth predictions for programmatic audience targeting, and what’s next for OOH.

“More people go into a Walmart, Home Depot, Walgreens, Costco, Kroger etc. than visit their respective apps and websites. … In-store screens combined with point-of-sale data can show how DOOH puts the “R” in ROI by connecting exposure to increase in same store sales velocity.” Read Cherian’s Q&A on The Drum.

Modified: 6 months