Across the Desk with Rob Jackson, Extra Credit Projects

What emerging trends in OOH are on the horizon that excite you most creatively?

Trends come and go, but simplicity will never be a fad. Depending on the idea and message, there’s no match for a strikingly simple concept on a well-placed poster or bulletin.

Of course, I’m also inspired by the way technology continues to transform and evolve out of home beyond a “traditional” advertising medium.

When these simple concepts come together with emerging technology—now that’s exciting!

What was your inspiration for the OBIE’s 80th Anniversary? What are a few of your favorite past OBIE winners over the last eight decades?

Our agency has done a few of the OBIE Call for Entries over the years; from paper statues, to old outdoor distance viewfinders, to using an obelisk as an orange juicer. When it became ‘our turn’ again, and it lined up with the 80th anniversary, we couldn’t resist. It’s hard to not be inspired by eight decades of groundbreaking out of home advertising.

Some of our favorite winners are Uncle Sam poster, Volkswagen, Nike 84, Apple Think Different, D&W Food Stores, The God campaign, Apple iPod, Miami Rescue Mission, Target, 76 Driver’s Side, McDonald’s recent Canadian cropped logo campaign, Twitter 2018/19, I could keep going…

You’ve personally design impressive OOH campaigns over a long career. What are your secrets for designing better OOH?

I surround myself with and attract like-minded people that are also passionate about making great work. Ideas come from individuals, yes, but also out of a culture of expectations and opportunity. 

Keep it simple. Continue bringing everyone back to the ONE goal of the ad, but don’t be afraid to break free of the brief. As my good friend Rick Robinson would put it about our work, be graceful and ruthless at the same time. And give a little extra to every project… sometimes more than a little extra. That’s where the inspiration is, and the simple idea you’ve been looking for is just around the corner.

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